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Smart Pricing & Advertising System for Storefronts

Your opportunity

Currently, 85% of pricing systems for storefronts are based on printed paper.

You can be the first to have this digital system exclusively in your retail store.

Create the bridge between retail sales and digital sales.


An opportunity


Currently, 85% of pricing systems for storefronts are based on printed paper placed between acrylic sheets
The remaining 15% are plastic and/or cardboard.

Current systems

  • error prone…require manual updating

  • inefficiency…the employees must go inside the storefront

  • desynchronization…new information must be previously received, printed and placed

  • such as paperwaste resources

  • the process is time consuming


Our solution

An innovative IoT device for storefronts that focuses on:


No more wasted paper nor employee time


Update prices/content over the cloud

Customer experience

Promotes user interaction

Enhanced visuals

Familiar yet improved look & feel

Feature-packed product

  • Remote updating of content through mobile app or web dashboard

  • Paper-like feel (ePaper display technology)

  • Fully wireless, battery + WiFi/BLE

  • Ultralow power, months of battery life

  • Can show advertising contents

  • User interaction through QR codes

Use cases

  • Update prices for seasonal sales, currency value changes, etc.

  • Attract users and interact with them through QR codes (custom offers, Happy Hour, gamification, etc.)

  • Show advertising information (sales, promotions…

  • Interaction with the online store

Cloud based, app enabled

Every DynaPricing device is connected to the Internet through WiFi or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy ).

In addition, a local connection with a BLE device (such as a mobile phone) may be established. This is useful for stores that may not have an available Internet connection.

Programmable content rotation

A periodic rotation of different content can be scheduled.



  • Pricer: Electronic price tags for shelves, LCD based and not suitable for shopfronts.

  • E-shelf-labels: Similar to Pricer, but with less features.

  • HL-Display: These are just embedded tablets placed on key points of the shop.

  • LED displays: Very low resolution, they are suitable just for advertising.

        We have the world’s first pricing display technology for storefronts

Pricing plans

  • Basic: Modify basic contents locally through a mobile app. Totally free!

  • Standard: Web dashboard and mobile app to design and upload contents. 5€/month per device(1).

  • Premium: Ability to perform franchise-wide changes, such as campaigns. Take control of every device from a central location and get data analytics and metrics. 1000€/month per 100 devices(1).

  • Enterprise: Don’t want to use the cloud? Host your own, private DynaPricing system. Contact us!

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